Sturdee residence – a condominium to escape reality!

Singapore is becoming the new city for numerous condominiums. Here at Sturdee residences, you will find your new home, a home from where you can escape the reality. This is the place where extravagance meets comfort. With lavish rooms and top quality recreational facilities you are bound to change your housing address to Sturdee residence.

sturdee residence a condominium to escape reality

What is so interesting about it?

If you are thinking as to what is so interesting about it, then for your information, this residential place puts you on the right epicenter of the city. Here you will get all kind of facilities and thus, do not have to go anywhere far away to get any kind of assistance. You will be astonished at whatever this residence has to offer.

Experience a new living style

You must know how different it is to live in a condominium than in a separate house! There are a lot of burdens that you have to carry if you are living in a house. But all those are eliminated if you are living in a condo unit.

Here at Sturdee residences, you will find exciting features that are bound to put you in a position where you have to check it out. You will find valuable privacy here. This stylish building stands erect as candy to eye when you look at the skyline.

Escape the everyday rush

The building is so high that you can easily dodge the crowd and the rush of your daily life. You will find yourself in a state of poise and bliss. Hang out with your friends and family in this place. The landscaping here is beautiful with abundant additional features and facilities like the swimming pool, lounge and many more.

Thus, in a nutshell, the Sturdee residence of Singapore stands tall among many condominiums to become the best place for residents.

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Advantages of having space in the Sims urban oasis in Singapore!

Over the days and in the recent generation, living in a condominium has become more of a trend. People nowadays find it more appealing than staying in a separate house. The basic difference between having an own house and a condominium is that here there is no burden of maintenance and repair work to be done by you. The Sims urban oasis of Singapore is one of the best condominiums erected at this moment.

advantages of having space in the sims urban oasis in singapore

Where are condominiums located?

Most of the times, a condo unit is found are found in regions which are well established. These are very safe, and access to the world outside is a little lesser mainly because most of the amenities and facilities are available inside only.

Do your inspection properly!

Just like buying a house, you need to have it inspected by someone. Remember, when you buy a condo unit, you are buying a portion of a building or property. Thus, you will have to pay for all the common regions.

Some of the best recreational amenities available

The Sims urban oasis has some of the best recreational facilities available like swimming pool, health, and fitness center and many others. These are some of the features which you cannot find in a separate home.

Here are some of the best advantages of having space in a condominium

The place is safe due to the superb safety security systems and security guards. You will have clean outdoors all year round. Mowing lawns and trimming leaves are done on a regular basis. Has great parking facility. Thus, you do not have to worry about parking your car in a proper space. Shopping facilities like malls and many shops are also available inside. Sims urban oasis is the perfect fit for you. The main reason being, all of the above-mentioned advantages are present.

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Get Skies 39 Condo and enjoy all the facilities

There are a lot of people who are interested in buying themselves a nice piece of property which they can use for lots of different purposes. Such people can now stop looking furthermore because of the introduction of the latest development called Skies 39 Condo which is still a work in progress. It is perfect for those who want to buy this land because of purposes of investment and similar things.

get skies 39 condo and enjoy all the facilities

Where it is located

The residential unit of this place lies in the central portion of the area named Tao Payoh Lorong in Singapore. It also happens to lie in close proximity to the MRT station named Braddell Station. Not only that, it’s central location allows it to be in close quarters with a lot of important places like malls, shops, schools and other basic amenities.

What’s good about it?

Other than the fact that people are living in Skies 39 Condo, they also have the advantage of having more privacy compared to lots of other people. It provides one of the best atmospheres for staying with your friends, family and loved ones as well. There is also a huge parking area right next to the condo which happens to be the largest parking area in the entire place. As far as relaxed places are concerned, this is easily one of the best places to live in.

Facilities and Services

There is a large variety of facilities and services provided by this place all of which are meant for providing the people living there with the most comfortable life possible. This includes tons of places for refreshment like swimming pools, cinema theaters, bowling alleys etc. You will also find tons of restaurants, shops and other means of entertainment as well. So, this will more or less give you an idea of what it is like to live in Skies 39 Condo. The place is still in development as mentioned before. But there is no question of the kind of quality it is going to provide to its customers.

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Poiz residences – where extravagance meets requirements!

The real estate market has grown unbelievably and exceptionally! Over the years and for the past few decades’ real estate has mainly focused on communities, building flats and also beautiful condos and hotels. You need to keep in mind a bit of what you really want in a condo. This article gives you a complete idea of what you want in a condo hotel or rather what you should find in a condo hotel. One such place includes Poiz residences.

poiz residences where extravagance meets requirements

Amenities and services you generally find in condo service

If it is a piece of cake for you to imagine a five-star hotel, then you can easily imagine what a condo service might be like. Pools like resort style, spas which offer full service, art and fitness places.

Where can you find such condos?

Poiz residences are in Singapore. It is one of the most suitable places for a condo. It is situated at very convenient places. You can easily access this place as it is situated right next to Potong Pasir MRT station. Along with this, you can even find many eateries around that place. Therefore, convenience is right at the tip of your finger.

Integrated with shopping malls

It is one of the most famous condos in Singapore, where there is an integrated shopping mall. The place is most convenient for regular shoppers. All the necessities and the requirements are available right where you stay. You don’t have to take any sort of transportation to reach the shopping mall to shop. Your favorite brands will be right under your nose, and you can shop from there whenever you feel like shopping.

The Poiz residences at Potong Pasir is filled with unique and extravagant facilities. This place is indulged in serenity and tranquility where you will find your piece of mind along with extravagance.

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The Centrium Square providing the ultimate beauty to the building

Buildings are built in different ways and the designing of the buildings depends entirely on the choice and how much spend for the decoration of the building. The Centrium Square commercial office building located along Serangoon Road in Singapore is a popular office building with the beautiful view.

the centrium square providing the ultimate beauty to the building


  • Every building need to be durable apart from its beauty but the square plates of centre provided the strength and required durability that a building needs.
  • The plates are quite strong and are attractive.
  • The glossy and attractive appearance of the plates also brings the beauty and the beauty remains for a long time as the quality of the plates does not get spoil easily.

The quality and the appearance of the Farrer Park new commercial buildings are considered to be the best and that is why such kinds of plates are very much in demand among the people around the world.

Layout design

The layout of the building has been excellent and provides a decorated room for not only to the customers but also to the staff. The high ceiling with truly beautiful glass windows provides the best view of the commercial building. The attractive and eye catching view of the Centrium Square not only provides an attractive look but attracts the customers from all over the world to have their business deals.


The building with such attractive appearance also bears the better lift facilities and the better car parking facilities. The features that the building is based attract lots of people to have their deals. The luxury facilities of the Centrium Square also attract lots of tourists from different parts of the world. The view of such decorations to the building is always eye pleasing and provides a look that remains in the minds of people who visits the place.

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Fernvale gets High Park Residence, Singapore’s futuristic housing solution

High Park Residence gets a huge advantage over other private condominiums for its position. Located in a developing and ecstatic region of Singapore, there are a number of quality Retail, Medical and Educational complexes near to it. Some are even within a few minutes walking distance from each other.

fernvale gets high park residence singapores futuristic housing solution


Singapore is infamous amongst shopping enthusiasts. District 28 does not lag behind when it comes to retail services. High Park Residences has a four storey, 188,000 sq ft Seletar Mall with 3 level underground car park is a real show stealer in the region.  Greenwich Shopping Mall is also a worthy alternative for shoppers.

Other shopping destinations nearby are:

Hougang One
Hougang Mall
Waterway Point
Fernvale Point
Rivervale Plaza
My Village
Hougang Plaza


The region around the condominium has fine dining options to suite one’s palate and taste. Jalan Kayu has many cheap restaurants and food outlets. Nakhon Kitchen and Lola’s Cafe also offer a good menu.


A number of good hospitals are scattered in the region. Fitness centres are plentiful like Gyms, sports complex, swimming pools and stadiums.

Some of the 118 facilities include:

Punggol Park
Serangoon Community Park
Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre
Hougang Swimming Complex
My Village
Sengkang Riverside Park
Sengkang General Hospital
Bright Vision Hospital
Community Hospital
Hougang Stadium
Serangoon Gardens
Orchard Road


A region as sophisticated as this, quality education is easy to find at affordable rates, all within few minutes ride from High Park Residence. Some of the more reputable and prestigious institutions in the region:

1. Sengkang Green Primary School
2. Anchor Green Primary School
3. Pei Hwa Secondary School
4. Nan Chiau Primary School
5. Hougang Secondary School
6. Fernvale Secondary School
7. Yio Chu Kang Primary School
8. Sprimgdale Primary School
9. Palm View Primary School
10. Xlnmin Primary School
11. Montfort Junior School
12. Da Qiao Primary School
13. Bowen Secondary School
14. Serangoon Junior College
15. Rosyth School.

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A Home Away From Home – The Peak Residences

With concrete beauty at its best and comfort at a whole new level, The Peak Residences is definitely one of its kinds. It is located in Cambodia in the Phnom Penh district. It is a project of condominium development and built on the freehold land of 13.7 acres. Ivory Properties Group is the one who developed this residential condominium. The owners of each and every condominium can enjoy magnificent scenic beauty as it is situated 500 feet above the level of the sea.

a home away from home the peak residences

Some Facts:

There is a garden at the rooftop which is about 20,000 square feet and also one at the landscape for the house dwellers to stroll around. There are three blocks in total which are thirty eight storey buildings each are linked together by this rooftop garden. Geographically, this area links up with to most of the interesting places through main roads in the Penang Island. Not only that, from The Peak Residences you can enjoy the view of natural environment and strait channel which is absolutely phenomenal.

What You Get:

A few facilities provided by this extremely affordable and equally comfortable 2-star hotel are:

  • Security control centre
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Games room
  • Covered parking lots
  • 24-hour security guards
  • Wading pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Jogging path
  • Shower pit
  • Sun-bathing deck
  • Barbeque area
  • Cascading waterfall
  • Rooftop and landscape gardens
  • Children’s playground

Some More Talk:

This Cambodia project provides you services and amenities which are completely baffling. During their stay at The Peak Residences, the guests are able to enjoy Wi-Fi for free in each and every room. Besides that, at the vicinity of Phnom Penh, they provide a high end lifestyle which is affordable too. It features Penthouse and Executive suite compliment with exclusive private garden. The layouts of The Peak units are extremely spacious and got multiple exposures too. Along with offering entry galleries which are way beyond elegant, it also offers transitions from social spaces to private ones which are absolutely well planned.

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Some cool uses of hot and cold water dispenser

A hot and cold water dispenser can save you time and cash. The frosty capacity of the Dispenser gives reviving super cold water comfortable sink. You’ll never again need to keep water containers in the cooler or sit tight for ice 3D shapes to chill an icy beverage on the grounds that with a Water Dispenser Hot and Cold everything will be readily available.

some cool uses of hot and cold water dispenser

Get your choice of temperature water anytime

On the off chance that you have a different bar sink or a double kitchen sink, installing a hot and cold Water Dispenser beside the current fixture on your sink will permit you to create up to some steaming water every hour. The water is warmed within a different warming tank that is introduced under the sink. There is an indoor regulator on the tank that you can set the temperature in a reach from 140 -190 degrees.

Fit your tank with water dispenser hot and cold and get easy available water in your kitchen

Warming tanks are incorporated within the hot and cold Water Dispenser. The tank effectively fits under any kind of sink introduced in a kitchen. On the other hand, you may need to contrast the measurements of the tank with the measure of the department under your sink. In the event that you have to supplant tanks or spigots, then verify new parts match. When you pick a tank, you will need to stand up in comparison the measurements of the tank to the measure of the bureau region under your sink.

No need to empty the heating appliance

Another of the numerous advantages of a hot and cold water dispenser is that you won’t be emptying water out of your water heating appliance. The water at the sink won’t lose warm as it goes through the channels, and the water radiator won’t have to start up as frequently. Likewise, there won’t be a need to utilize the gas or power to warmth a copier on the stove. Subsequently you will utilize less dishes and container, which implies you’ll utilize your dishwasher less frequently.

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How to enlarge your normal breast naturally

To women breast is the symbol of personality. Women love large breast not only for their beauty, but also to show their health to the society. Large and round breasts are their only desire. Full breasts enhance a woman’s femininity. Some women have naturally blessed firm breasts, but there are many women have the small size of breasts. Breast is a mass of glandular and fatty tissue that changes during puberty. In this time breasts respond to hormonal changes and start to develop. This article shares on how to make your breast bigger and rounder, in a natural way.

how to enlarge your normal breast naturally

Hormonal effects of breast enlargement

Two hormones namely ‘Estrogen and Progesterone’ play a key role in the enlargement of breasts. Apart from these two hormones proper nutrition and genetics also act a vital role in determining the size of the breasts. But if this hormone does not work properly size of the breast does not develop. In such a situation natural breast enlargement works in a very effective way. The beauty industry has a variety of breast enhancement options like pills or creams or hormonal injections- all these may be expensive surgical procedures. But if you chose some natural way, you may expect good results too. Natural methods for breast enlargement can be effective but will take time and patience.

Natural breast enlargement remedies:

To enhance your breast you can apply natural breast enlargement techniques at your home with minimum effort. Just spending some time in your home you may get large breast. Follow these steps-

  • Do regular exercise for a particular time, exercises like chest compressions, bench presses; chest presses, pushups, and wall pushups can help in breast enlargement.
  • Massaging is an another way of breast enhancement, massage your breast for 10-20 minutes everyday with some natural ingredients must be very effective way of breast enlargement.

So, try to use this method for natural breast enlargement without surgery.

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Play Dragon Bane For The Ultimate Adventure

If you are looking or the ultimate action adventure game, then you need not look beyond Dragon Bane where you not only get to play with the coolest of characters, but you can also slay dragons while protecting your guests and the town from their onslaught. There are thousands and thousands of online games which are available online, and you have to ensure that you pick out the one that you feel is easy to play, yet challenging and certainly exciting. When you are browsing through games online, there are some things that call out to you, and make some games stand out from the rest. These include elements like imaginary creatures, action heroes, a parallel world, period games where you are transported to a new era, battles, challenges, and levels. All these things are just some of the few elements that you will find when you play Dragon Bane Android.

play dragon bane for the ultimate adventure

About The Game

In the game, you can choose the character that you want to play with from 9 classes of characters, each class with its set characteristics. After you have chosen them, you will be able to take one guests to show them the town, and protect them and yourself from the attacks and battles that you have to face form the creatures, which are primarily dragons. When you have slain all the dragons, you will be able to collect your loot and progress to the next level.

Verdict On The Game

Playing this game is actually a really exciting way to pass time. It is exciting, adventurous, and the graphics are pretty cool to. You can even buy your account in Dragon Bane with considerable ease. It is perfect for all adventure enthusiasts. So don’t wait too much opt to play this game today.

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